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Member Code of Conduct

Responsibilities of Members:

·          I understand that I must NOT EVER let anyone else into the Murilla Fitness Centre at any time.

·          I understand NEVER to give my swipe card to a non-member for use at the Centre. Doing so will result in immediate cancellation of membership without refund. Security system is in place and card use is monitored.

·          I understand that I cannot bring children with me into the gym under any circumstances.

·          Children under the age of 14yrs are not permitted in the gym, unless part of Saints Weightlifting Club or other fully supervised training by Stenhouse Fitness.  Youth 14-16 yrs who attend the gym must be fully supervised at all times by a parent and comply with the youth policy. 

·          I agree to turn the lights, fans and air conditioning off as I leave when training, outside of opening hours.  

·          Gates and doors must remain CLOSED at all times out of office hours, and windows must be fully closed when leaving the gym out of office hours.  Any members not following these directives will be deemed in breach of Centre security.

·          I understand that Murilla Fitness Centre uses a security camera surveillance system.

·          Covered shoes MUST be worn & a towel used at ALL times.  Shirts on policy applies.

·          Smoking, vaping, alcohol, or illicit substances are strictly prohibited inside the gated area and throughout the gym and toilets. Do not attend if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

·          Use of the stereo is permitted out of office hours, however volume needs to be kept at a respectful level and the music should NOT be of an explicit nature.  We strongly recommend the use of personal headphones. Be respectful of other patrons and close residences.  During office hours, management will provide music streaming.

·          Do not drop weights or misuse equipment and accessories.   

·          Return all equipment to correct storage area after use.

·          Any exercises requiring bars/bumper plates/heavy equipment must ONLY be carried out on timber platforms provided.  The rubber floor on the large court area has sprung timber underneath and is not strong enough to handle weight.  Members will be liable for repairing any damage to the timber floor which results from not following these directions.

·          Notify the supervisor immediately of any faulty equipment or breakages that occur (by phone if out of office hours).

·          Strictly NO personal training or training services of any kind, apart from those provided by Management, are permitted to be carried out throughout the premises under any circumstance.



·          I understand that if I choose to train alone, I do so at my own risk.

·          Notify the supervisor if I am injured or become ill during a workout at the Murilla Fitness Centre.

·          Hygiene practices including distancing, hand washing/sanitizing and wiping all equipment after use are compulsory.  Towels must be used on equipment.   You must not attend the gym if you are unwell, or have tested positive to a transmittable virus.

·          I understand that I must inform the Centre staff of any current health risk which may affect my participation at the Centre.

·          I understand that while any medical information may be used as a guide to my limitations to exercise, Murilla Fitness
Centre Staff are unable to provide any medical advice regarding my physical fitness/health.

·          I acknowledge that attendance at the Centre shall be at my own risk at all times, and I will not hold the Centre or the instructors liable for any personal injury or loss of property.

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